Summary of Educational Training Platform

Pharmabiodevice Consulting LLC performs key educational training topics for a wide variety of industries through live online webinars/virtual conferences, client customized on-site and/or Seminars and Conferences. Expert speakers from Pharmabiodevice Consulting LLC also delivers critical courses for other industry recognized affiliate or third party educational training companies’ webinars and conferences. Click on the “Partner Educational Training Companies” section to view “third party” educational training companies to see a list of companies that Pharmabiodevice Consulting LLC partners with to deliver some online webinars and virtual conferences.

Partner Educational Training Companies
  • Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) (Online Accredited Educational Training)
  • Compliance Online Educational Training
  • Online Compliance Panel (Online Educational Training)
  • Global Compliance Panel (Online Educational Training)
  • (Online Educational Training)