Seminars and Conferences

Pharmabiodevice Consulting LLC provides a 1-2 days extensive seminar and conference that is tailored to address critical extensive topics of interest. Our technical training format provides maximum learning, educational and interactive sessions and workshops that allows for participants to be away from their day-to-day responsibilities and immersed with the learning modules without any distraction. Our conferences are tailored to work with smaller conference class sizes to allow for maximal participation and interaction while providing an atmosphere that encourages interaction between the attendees and speakers through questions and answer sessions, workshops and case studies.

Benefits of Seminars and Conferences:

  • Gaining Extensive Experiences in One Attendance: Participants can maximize the learning modules in a critical key topic while attending a seminar or conference. This is beneficial in having a full understanding of a critical or key topic without wondering about how to fill in the gaps by additional courses.
  • Industry Networking: An environment that is packed with several key industry experts, interactive workshops, case studies and open questions and answers provides the basis for a better networking and industry knowledge sharing.

For more information on the trainings, content, instructors, and cost estimates, please contact Pharmabiodevice Consulting at 240-678-2020 or by email at