Online Webinars and Virtual Conferences:

Our online webinars and virtual conferences provides a comfortable learning experience for your workforce. This allows your team to receive educational training in the comfort of their office, while on-the-move and in the comfort in just “one click away” using the web.

Benefits of Online Webinars and Virtual Conference Training:

  • Cost Effective Learning: This is another cost-effective way to save a company the additional cost of travels to outside seminars and conferences to gain the same knowledge.
  • Industry Subject Matter Expert Instructors: Gain valuable experiences on key topics delivered by our very skilled subject matter expert (SME) instructors that also provides the same level of training using a traditional in-person methodology.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Our courses are tailored to be in the form of an instructor-led presentations in a virtual classroom that ultimately provide a high level of engagement and learning opportunities for the attendees through the use of round tables, Question and Answer sessions and other online learning tools.
  • Course Customization: Our online webinars and virtual conferences can be customized to meet your company's specific processes, industry practices and requirements using the web. If there are specific industry topics that you will like for our subject matter expert speakers to address (if not currently listed in our upcoming or library of trainings), we can design, develop and deliver the specific course to address your organization's unique compliance training needs.

For more information on the trainings, content, instructors, and cost estimates, please contact Pharmabiodevice Consulting at 240-678-2020 or by email at